Never Ending Rain
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2002-01-14 02:47:20 (UTC)

What the hell is wrong with the world!

I got bored and was reading some other peoples diaries and
the news was on in the computer room next to my room. God,
something in this world is seriously screwed up or off
balance or something like that! People are murdering other
people. Everyone sounds soo depressed. Everyone is soo sad.
Everything is soo wrong. Why does so many awful things
happen to so many great people? What would life be like if
nobodys parents have ever seperated? None of my friends'
parents are together. God knows mine aren't! Somebody needs
to change the world. Life is totally going down the hole!
Has anyone realized how many teenagers are totally
suicidal? Seriously people are totally tortured at school,
or at home. I watch the news, or read the paper, or even
watch people at school, and it is soo freakin awful the way
people hurt other people. Really what good does it do to
make other people miserable?!