even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-01-14 02:29:56 (UTC)


so.. today i woke up and went to lunch with sam and
joselin... at kerby lane, and things were good, the food
was terrible, but things were nice, ish... sam and joselin
broke up... dont; have to much to day on that, not here at
least, because, walls have ears.. here, at least they do,
even though this is my diary... mums the word, or at least
it should be... 2 1950's sayings there.. wow.. im a stud...
but, really, i think things will work out... it shold be
mostly betwen sam and joselin, but as we like it in our
group, everyone is involved, perhaps in ways they shoudln;t
be, and vocal about it... but... its worked out before,
it'll work out again, and i really think that things will
be ok... i hope they will, but i have a good feeling so.. i
mean... its not a great feelihng, but its not an oh my god
feeling... so.. it hink thats good... and maybe im just
kind of jaded... i think i am.. and.. ive stopped...
well.. i dont; knwo.. we saw the royal tenenbaums, tonight,
me and joselin, and it was good.. in it, one of the sons
tries to commit suicide, and as i saw that, he slit his
wrists, but they don;t show it, they show the razor and him
bleeding, and i was thinkgin, a while ago, i dont; knwo
when it was, but its when i most rmenber feelign depressed,
i was like, i wonder if i cut myself, will it hurt? cause,
i just wasn;t really feeling naything, and at that, i
decided, i needed to get things straight, cause thoughts
liek that didnt make me feel too good...