The Real Deal

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2002-01-14 02:28:08 (UTC)

Dealing with it...

*Sigh* My friend can't get over this person... and it's
quite sad because it's been a LONG time...

but I understand... I mean... I'm not completely over my
person when my person is completely over me... and it's
easier that way for me. I have a goal now that I gotta go
for... just to live my life. I'm not hurt as much as I used
to be... the feeling that I'm feeling is just the
loneliness and missing him of what could had been... but
not what is. I mean... life moves on... we need to live
life not hold one to it.

I spend this weekend at a business meeting... and it was
really good not to think of guys and just hang out with my
girlfriends and guy friends... :)

I also realized that he doesn't care anymore... as much as
I am going to give my heart to him... he won't care... and
why give my heart to someone who won't take it. So...
yeah... I know... he leaves when I come, he doesn't talk to
me, he walks away from me... I learned to deal with it,
because what's the use of trying anymore when there is
nothing to try for. So I learn how to deal with it and I
know what it means. I mean... we don't wanna be close
friends... because we don't wanna hurt each other again...
It's better this way... because we know that we won't hurt
each other anymore... :|

I don't wanna dance alone... but when the music stops...
you don't need to dance anymore... you can just be there...
by urself... and that'd be alright.

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