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2002-01-14 02:22:54 (UTC)


... Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. I thought I
was all over this whole Jess-crap. I really did. Over the
holidays I was being all harsh and was like "To heck with
her, if she wants to be my friend, she can damnwell call
me". But then the past couple weeks it's dawned on me just
how much I miss her. How much I want to tell her about
everything that's been going on with Scott and just see how
things are going with her. She's one of the only people who
have been around from the very beginning of this whole
twisted Scott-mess. I think she should know what's been
going on. Besides, she's been my best friend (or so I
thought) since the 8th grade. I want to know what the heck
changed. So tonight I called her and once again got the
machine. I dunno what happened but I was almost in tears
leaving a message: "Jessica, please call me, it's been so
long. I'd like to know how you are. I miss you..." So then I
got off the phone and decided to call my friend Ange since
it had been ages since I heard her voice... and it was so
good to talk to her. It's funny the feeling you get when you
hear a loved one's voice that you haven't heard in so long.
We talked for like an hour and a half too. Not like she
doesn't actually EMAIL me though! And she's coming up in a
couple weeks so I'll get to see her. It's been over a year
since I've seen her so it'll be really good. And then onto
my other dearest friend... Kim. How cute is that girl?! I
thought last night was gonna be one of those insecure nights
because of the whole Scotty showing up at the game thing but
not even. We watched a little tv and then I stood and talked
to her in her room for like an hour. It was so funny. She's
in bed and it's pitch black but we're talkin and laughin. We
were talking about how much she dug Scott's truck and she
has all these questions she wants me to ask him. It was so
funny. Then I said she was only after him for his truck.
Then she was saying that if Kurtis had've had a truck like
that, she'd go after him in a millisecond. Silly girl. I
love her to pieces. I do have the greatest bunch of friends
and I don't know what I'd ever do without them. Each of them
makes my life so special in their own little way and I can't
imagine losing even one of them. That's what makes the Jess
thing so hard to deal with. Anyhoo...

Current mood: nostalgic and sentimental
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