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2002-01-14 02:04:03 (UTC)

Parties didnt go too bad. me and kristen c. went to the
mall, you kno...the normal girl stuff. jerry and joe and
andy and ricky and JOE can come. wahoo. i thought it might
be boy-less. i hope my cousin carlee comes online soon, i
hope she can come....shes cool, we're pretty 'tight'. we're
really different tho, shes a huge flirt and shes really
really pretty and in a way completely opposite from me.
100% curves, but thin. reddish light brown hair. green
eyes, and big attitude. anyways......james is cool, we r
gonna hangout more wen bball is over. so ive got to choose.
january 26th(a saturday), james is helping put on a show at
the freehold parish center(same one i met him at), hes not
performing, but beyond failure n some other local bands
are, and i was gonna go....but now i find out theres gonna
be a party that im invited to. and its not just a sit
around n hangout party, its a big all out house party w/
the works, and i think i need one of those. well lots of
parties should be coming up in spring, and then summer will
come and n fun in the sun, cant wait.

i got a letter n card from my old maid Eli in the mail, she
is so sweet. she still calls my parents "Mam Diane and Sir

sooo, ive better start deciding speeches now