Dear Twiggy...
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2002-01-14 01:44:05 (UTC)

Jacuzzi Party...

Dear twiggy,
I just got back from a jacuzzi party with the kids in my
youth group. We broke the record for the most people ...we
got thirteen. My friendz were starting to do stuff...
(sexual stuff) but i didnt! It was so hard not to i cant
belive it. me and lindsey (vey vey awesome person) were
hanging all over this one guy...sean...but we didnt do
anything except flirt so thats ok ..right? haha j/k of
course its ok! Flirting never hurt anyone. If me and jeff
ever break up I think I am going to ask sean out. He is
really awesome but i dont like him as much as some
people....hmm i have to think about this.

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