Randi Lynn

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2002-01-14 01:40:38 (UTC)


Lol, I had sooo Much fun! Friday, Me and Tina Went for a
walk down to the beach. and watched the princess Diarys.
Fun! Lol. Yesterday, All she did was Talk about her
Boyfriend. We Went down to Rite Aid and I bought uus Some
pringles, me a Soda, and us..ugh, A Magazine. hehe. She was
Suprised I bought it, And i almost freaked Out cuz i
thought they were gonna do a price Check! Lol. She bought
ehrself a Soda and Her Sissa a RingPop. We went to a Diff
store and bought French Vanilla Capichinos. =)All She did
was talk about her Boyfriedn Chris and How much she was to
have Sex. Shes a Virgin..Like meh. WAS. Excuse me. WAS! x.x
Shes been going out with him for a month, as she says.
Her boyfriend came through her window in the
middle of the night and While she was loosing her virginity
on a bed 10 feet from mine, I was sleeping (couldnt she have done it
on a night I wasent there?) At least, this is what tina tells me.
I hope tina didnt give Chris teh impression i
was a Slut because i aint im a virign! but she told him ive
had 10 guys. Gah. Bish! lol, i told her if she doesnt tell
him i didnt i was gonna kick her ass. I dont want people to
get eh wrong idea abotu me. I mean, sure, I guess you can be easy ans
still eb a virgin, but according to tina I havent even had a "real"
kiss. Tina was humping the wall- and the chair - and the floor - and
the bed - and me, but i hit her for that. She only did that once or
twice, thank god. lol. It was horrible. I wasent humping
anything. lol. She kept saying hwo much she wanted to
be 'sexed'. well she got what she
wanted right? Now she wants me to loose my virginity. -.- I
todl her NO! She trie dot get be bf to hump my leg and he
woudl but then she told him not to because i told her
before i went to sleep that if he got near me id Kill.
She said I flirt with alllll teh guys in my school or most.
She said im constantly Playing with me hair and pushing it
over my shoulders and giggling and smiling..x.x Its
hirrble! and ALot more too! I didnt knwo taht last year
during the eagle pride assembly when iw as int eh Suck and
blow(Pass teh card) competition it lookde like iwa sgonna
kiss this guy each time. No One ever Told Me that I flirt
with everyone, lol, tina made it seem like it bothered alot
of poeple, She said that it even pissed robyn off and Made
ehr and a Few Others jealous O_o Theres alot more I could
go on about but i dont feel like typing it all anymore.
Dont you love my typing skillz? BDA TPYREZ FO HTE WRODL UNTIE!