Never Ending Rain
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2002-01-14 01:22:34 (UTC)


My sister Mandy was at my Dad's house the other day. As
usual the first thing she asks me is if I have been
rebelling! What the hell is that? I go,"No Mandy not
everyone is like you!" She says, "I have been a really good
girl lately!" She is 16 a mother and a serious liar! Soo I
was like, "What is that? Not letting me see my niece!
Calling the cops on my mom! My mom was the closest to a
real mom you will ever have! You totally ruined that!" She
nodded and went to sit on the couch. I went to the room and
listened to my headphones. In 2 hours she's comes to me and
goes, "Mis, are you mad at me?" (Mis is what a lot of
people who know me call me). I just rolled my eyes and
said,"Whatever, Mandy." She goes, "Oh good glad your not
too mad." I wanted to yell at her I have never been so mad
at you in my life! I remember when she was only 13 (I was
11) she was running away to be with guys. I used to get mad
at her for that but I am still madder at her now! Life is
ridiculous it never stops dishing shit out at me! I miss my