Dreaming Of Everything
2002-01-14 00:43:39 (UTC)

How come you don't wanna love me?

"Tell Me Tell Me, Baby" *N Sync.

You know what really bothers me? When people say things
like their life is so bad and "no one loves me. I'm never
going to have a boyfriend. No guy is ever going to like
me...wah wah wah" I just dyed my hair and it looks kinda
bad..but do I care? No. That's what I wanted...to dye my
hair! It doesn't matter what other people think about you.
It's what you think about yourself. People are so worried
about image that it's kinda funny! U know u see celebrities
all decked out in their bling bling. I know I'm just one
person, but I just like what they are doing...if they are
singers, it's awesome that they sing. Celebs are normal
people just like us! DUH! HELLO!

Okay, that was kinda off the subject a little. I go back
to school tomorrow...I hate school. It's so boring.
Geometry and English come so naturally to me it's not even
funny. Writing is like second nature to me. I had to
write a speech on a person I really hate, and everyone told
me that I should take journalism next year because I'm good
at that kind of writing. I was thinking that maybe if I
was lucky, I could get a job writing for a magazine...like
interviewing the "stars" and stuff. That would be really
cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAH! okay, so anyways...

I found a good new song. It's by Mandy Moore and it's
called "Cry". It's from the A Walk To Remember soundtrack.
I'm going to try and see if I can get the book from the
library so I can read it before I see the movie. I can't
find the lyrics yet because it's kinda new...so you guys
will just have to download it. It's the song you hear on
most of the trailers and commericals...the one that
goes "in places that no one will find all your feelings so
deep inside. was there that i realized that forever was in
your eyes the moment I saw you cry"

I have to go and eat dinner! I will write more later!! BYE!