Xoidian Analysis
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2002-01-14 00:30:12 (UTC)

Easy Day

Gee, already I've missed a day. I'll have to do better.

It's been a good day. I did laundry, went to the store,
slept, and now I've practices tuba some.

After my entry Friday past, I had a call from work. One of
the employees I supervise called asking for the rest of the
day off. She claimed she was "leaving home," by which I
assume she means her husband, her grown son, and his three
friends who have lived there for many months. I can hardly
blame her for wanting to escape, but I suspect what will
really happen is that she will not have left home, come
tomorrow morning. She's prone to drama and absences. Still,
she was so upset, it hardly seemed worthwhile to make her
stay. No telling what kind of mistakes she would have made.

It's the one off thing about my job, the woman above often
reeks of alcohol, while my other employee is terribly
co-dependent, often trying to involve me in her life on a
personal level, as in let's be best friends, let's go to
concerts together, let's hang out all the time outside of
work. Then when I say no, I get all this attitude for
rejecting her. She claims she often drives by my house for
no reason, just finds herself here. It's hard to know how
much of that is mind games and how much is that she's not
really in control of herself, but I don't let it worry me
too much. Of course, officer, if you are reading this after
I've disappeared suddenly, hmmm, you might want to look into it.

Still, it's a good day. I'm looking forward to bowling in a
bit. I'm in a gay/lesbian league, which at least gets me out
of the house once in a while. I like my teammates. One is
queer, the other is str8. Not sure why a str8 guy is on our
league, but he's a nice guy.

After that I'll come home, finish watching the soon-to-be
overdue movie from BlockBuster, then crash. The flick is
Jurassic Park III. I couldn't recommend it, but then I'd not
recommend the other two either, except for special effects.

See you tomorrow, maybe.

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