Lady Xanax

The Thoughts, Musings, Work, and Ramblin
2001-04-14 22:37:05 (UTC)

Friday the 13 is Supposed To Be A Good Day

Hello happy people in Diaryland. Hope all is well for
you. Things are alright here except that nothing went well
yesterday. Mein Engal and I had a time of it yesterday!
He had many problems of his own that we will not discuss,
and so did I. It felt like nothing could possibly go
right. Oh well, I guesws things are looking up today.
I've pretty much given up on going swimming over spring
break. I have too much to do! I have to go to Stetson
University, UF, and SJRCC libraries before next Monday.
And guess who gets to drive? Mein engal. He really hates
having to caart me around everywhere, but my mother refuses
to drive more than 30 miles from home. Well, gotta go
happy people. Homework and other things I shouldn't have
to do on spring break beckon. Stay wilder than the wind
and blow me into cry................