Lemon Drop
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2002-01-14 00:08:51 (UTC)


It's 6:42 P.M. and i'm a very tired child, that rhymes!
lol... i still hafta do 2 science projects :'(.. i have a
social studies test 2morrow... aww shit.. o well... i still
have like 5 hours.. yup i'm gunna go 2 bed @ midnight lol..
j/k(hopefully) beth gordon is nice unlike what petro and
justin said... My nails hurt.. i want fake nails!! i hope
mommy wakes up soon.. lol! i'm so pathedic... 2morrow @
school i'm gunna go up to ashley and be like i'm sorry i
make you wanna throw up ... lol! me n chrissy n lia should
so say that! that would b hilarious! and then in l.a. me n
chrissy would look @ her and give her the w/e look.. oo boy
that'd b fun.. lol.... I feel like sleeping but i cant cuz
then i wont finish my h.w. o shit i gtg! it's 7:[email protected] ahh!


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