Inside my mind
2002-01-13 23:38:05 (UTC)

Yet another weekend at home

welp this weekend bites. Thank God it's over. All I did was
Friday nuttin', Saturday help my grandma move, n today
nuttin' again. But next weekend's gonna rock. Friday I'm
doing nuttin' that I know of, Saturday I'm going to some
Teen Club w/my whole crew, n no clue about Sunday. I'm soo
stocked about the whole club thing, b/c I wanna find a
total hottie, not to keep but just to use for the night!!!
LoL I don't wanna botfriend, b/c I gots my eye on someone,
but gotta wait a while to snag him. LoL And when I say a
while I so totally mean a while. LoL He knows what I mean
by that n that's all any one else needs to know. Well dunno
what else to write so I'll catch yal some other time.