Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-01-13 23:37:35 (UTC)

Weekends Sometimes Suck More Than School!!!!!

Ugh! Stupid school and everything, i havent been getting
any sleep, so i feel asleep before my plans could be
followed thru, i think not only was it because i was tired,
but because i was a bit dissappointed... hmm! So I slept
through my plans, which I really did want to go bowling,
but it wasnt completely bad that i missed it, cause Darren
didnt want to go, and these two evil people went, so i am
kinda glad i didnt go, but i also wanted to go and hang
with emily and david, and darren, but he didnt want to go.

Well, last night me and emmy got together, so we could
at least hang out! We saw Vanilla Sky's in the theater with
Shawn, and then me and em came to my house and we watched
the diary of briget jones, and the beginning of meet the
feebles, its really dumb, never rent it!!! NEVER!!

And thats where my weekend comes to its end, tomorrow is
school... oh yay!