I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-01-13 23:08:34 (UTC)

Oh yes, and then some

I've never been "asked out" in my life. The one (yes, 1)
relationship I've ever had was long distance and we both
kinda fell into it. Well, last night was the first time. A
guy asked me to "be his girl". Romantic, I so know. I
laughed and told him that we hardly even knew each other.
He told me that it was okay because I am cool. My response
was that it takes alot more than "coolness" to have a
relationship. I guess I was flattered. It caught me off
guard. I mean, he's older than I am, but it just doesn't
seem that way...feels like I'm the mature one. Of course
guys are rarely mature, so that's besides the point.

In other news, I applied for a job at my favorite store. I
figure you can't go wrong if you are the person who mainly
supports that particular establishment. Now maybe I can
earn some of my money back :)

I did a bunch of cleaning and getting rid of stuff
yesterday and today. It is such a good feeling. That out
with the old, in with the new. In addition, school started
last Wednesday so that takes up my time. Classes are good
so far. Have a prick for a Humanities prof, but you can't
win them all. It's been SO INCREDIBLY long since I've had
homework. It kinda feels like I'm just playing school. But
I'm streaching my brain and I know that it's a good thing.

Talked to an old friend last night, but I was interrupting.
I felt badly and he said he'd call me this week, but I
(hope I) talked him out of it. I just wouldn't know what to
say. I was just a passing fancy, and that's okay. I'm not
his type by a long shot, but there were some very
interesting discussions. I suppose that what a relationship
is, be it between family, friends, lovers, spouses, etc.
The carrying on of conversations....the communication.

So, if I get this job (I hope I hope I hope!) then things
will be good. I can pay off some of my debt, and that's a
major weight on my shoulders right now.

Whenever I write in here, I feel like I'm talking to
myself....does anyone listen?