2002-01-13 22:56:52 (UTC)

Millennium and Two

I just finally notice it's 2002.. wow.. How weird.. Well, I
am Bore-ed and i have nothing to do..I have science and a
space explorations badge to make (I'm on the data team..
XD..) .. Hmmm.. *misha's thinking face* I shall do my
homework while i watch the international channel in my
sisters room at 8:30.. hahaha OK

I'm talking to mariela now and she FINALLY saw my gift..
sheesh.. hahah jk.. She's going to change her WHOLE
website.. *misha's thinking face again* hmmm... wonder what
it'll look like... Hahaha.. Misha finally updated her site,
that bum... ahahaha, just kidding... Man, school is
tomorrow, i have to wash my PE uniform... so brb.

man oh man! I just remembered the strawberry shortcake
girls/ whatchu doin gurls journal!! I shall right in them
right now!!!

My nephew is upstairs in his room, studying his abc book...
he's in 4th grade.. I wish i could help him... but No... oh
well... lalalala, yesterday, i went to toys r us and i rode
on a scotter.. it was fun.. then i saw a harry potter
poster, which was awesome..

well, my mom has to call my sis in japan right now (she
seems to always do that, whenever I'M online, like as if I
have nothing important to do here.. how rude.. I have
responsibilities to do here, y'know..haha)