Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2002-01-13 22:53:28 (UTC)

I hate life sometimes!!

Everything has been pretty good for me the last couple of
days--- until yesterday.. I swear everything went wrong. I
went to a CCYM meeting on Friday night and we got lost on
the way which turned out to be pretty funny.. but I woke up
in the morn really sick feeling so I slept through half of
the meeting... then I was all happy and stuff. I got home
around 4 and got online b/c I was sooo excited to talk to
Ryan.. But in his info it said that this chick said
something about him giving her an orgasm which didnt bother
me b/c Iw as like yea whatever.. but I wanted to see if it
was this Emma girl that likes him so I added her to my
list.. then in her info it said something about him saying
she gave him an orgasm which also didnt bother me... then
there was a link to her online journal and since I hadnt
figured out who it was yet I decided to go in there.. and
the one entry said something about Ryan and I was like yea
whatever.. ya know.. so then I clicked where u can see what
ppl have replied and found a letter from Ryan saying how
she was the hottest and sweetest girl ever.. so when I got
to talk to him I broke up w/ him hoping he'd talk me out of
it b/c I like him sooo much.. I've never wanted to give the
guy a chance to work things out before so it was really
weird.. by the end we were still confused about what to
do-- or I was anyway.. then I had to go to my semi-- and I
totally didnt want to go b/c of being upset over Ryan but I
decided I would anyways.. went over to Maggies to get ready
w/ her and Jenny then we went to the dance.. Emm was acting
bitchy b/c she always does when she's w/ Alicia and Mikel
both-- its like she has an entirely diff personality w/
them so I was trying to find Maggie and I started talking
to some of my other friends (ie: Amy, Andrea D., Melissa
M., Lissa L, Jenna, Kory, etc.) and my friend Brandon
walked over (he's gay) and started dancing and they all
walked away like he was the plague!!!! so I flipped on
them.. I started screaming and told them not to bother
talking to me if they were gonna be stuck up bitches.. etc,
etc... so I was so upset that I was all ready to leave but
I couldnt b/c I was Maggie and Jenny's ride to Dennys..
grr.. so I stayed and later on was taking a pic of Maggie
and Brandon in the caf and this girl I'm friends w/ and a
bunch of kids were staring and laughing @ Brandon-- so I
yelled @ them too.. ughh I was so bitchy last night but I
dont care.. anyways-- I ended up having a GREAT time by the
end of the night.. I went crazy.. I danced w/ Ryan C. and
that was HILARIOUS! lol.. he was singing wicked loud "I
dont know the words but I love pissing everyone around us
off" and "that girl doesnt want to dance w/ him, and she
doesnt wanna dance w/ him.." haha.. it was sooo funny.. and
we were dancing like old ppl.. I spun him and he dipped me
so far that if anyone was looking they woulda totally seen
my panties!! haha.. oh well.. but then I dropped Maggie and
Jenny and Brandon off @ Dennys and went back home for my ma
to take me back and they were all "yea we'll save u a seat"
and they didnt!!! so I went over and was all "I just wanted
to tell u guys thanks for saving me a seat" I was so angry
about everything.. grr.. so it was gonna be like an hr wait
so we called Emm's dads gf and Alicia, Emm and I went back
to Emms and crashed.. it was fun.. got up @ 10 this morn.
and went to my mom's aunt's for dinner.. it was fun.. now
I'm home hoping to talk to Ryan soon :(.. well I stop being
stupid now so.. haha