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2002-01-13 22:12:46 (UTC)

After Formal.

Hey y'all! I'm back from the winter formal. OMG! That was
one of the best dances I have been to for my school. My
friend Arii' was my date. He's pretty sweet and really hot!
Buuuut...after the dance we all went out for Taco Bell, cuz
all the girls were too poor for a big fancy dinner, no da
(1)? After Taco Bell, I hadda call my dad to let him know
that I would be late. He wasn't too happy. After the Bell,
we all went out to the Point (where ever the hell that
was). And one of my friends and her date were practilly
screwin' in the back seat. I was all like, "Um. Ok ...
riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight." Arii' kept laughing at the
expressions on my face. But after the point my other friend
and her date dropped me and Arii' off at my house. I went
in and let my pop know that I was in and changed into some
p.j.'s. That's when the fun started. I'll just leave y'all
up to y'all's own ideas, cuz I just broke a nail. Peace out!


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