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2002-01-13 21:44:01 (UTC)

Don'tread. . ALCOHOL!

So last time I wrote was Friday afternoon was let's re-
cap the weekend! Friday night I played some Wallyball with
some of my friends from 3rd floor Trout. That was some
rocking good times. . seriously Super Fun! I happened to
fall a bunch but it was all good. I might add my team won
all the games, hehe We ROCK...Holly, Elizabeth and Jenny.
Then after that I came back changed real quick and then
went to the comedian, Boggie From 10 Things I Hate About
You. After that Ashely and I went and bought a bunch of
food from the munch and went back to her place so she could
work. I hung out with her from 12-4am on Friday night.

Let's see then there was Saturday. . what happened.. .well
I slept for a while. Oh yeah then we went to the AWESOME
new libaray!! After I did some homework I came back and
went to Maurices with my roomies to pick out some clothes
for Janet, she needs some help you know:) OHHHHH and then
Pat cooked dinner so Rachel and I went over and had
spagetti with Pat and his friends. After that we went to
get CFX tickets to Kate and Leopold! Once we left we
decided we wanted some 100 Proff Vodka so we stopped back
at Pat's and took him to the store. Hmmm....then we came
back to get ready to go to the Beta house. Once we got
there though we stayed for like 30 minutes and decided we
needed to drink more so we came back and opps we never made
it back. So eventually ashley and I ended up back here in
Trout........I of course made a fool of myself and amused a
few people OPPS. Oh well . . .so how we went back to
Barnes and slpet until 6:30am got up went to work with
Ashley for a few hours. Then I came back here at 9:30am and
went back to sleep again until 1:00pm ish. Now I've just
been chilling and ya know doing crap.

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