What is it about life?
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2002-01-13 21:28:10 (UTC)

Okay. Misconceptions list

Crapola. Sunday. Let me see, i don't have a car, my
mother is sleeping, my sister is indisposed, my brother
went to his friend Leland's, and my dad is watching TV.
Suffice it to say, i have no one to take me anywhere. I
want to go see Lord of the Rings today, but i think that is
pretty much entirely out of the question considering the
fact that no one feels like driving. And so that also
rules out my wanting to go to the Bookstore to get the book
Goddess i hate Sundays. It is the day right before Monday
when i have to go to school, and wake up at the early hour
of 6:00.
Is that even RIGHT?? Okay, now, how often is it that i
come to school everyday and see someone nearly falling
asleep in class. Now, the boring lectures add to
drowsiness, but i bet you that it is from lack of sleep and
It isn't very great, wanting to do a ritual or spell at
12:00 at night, and then having to go to school the next

Anyway, off that damn subject. I was talking to my friend
Amy online the other day on the many misconceptions of
witches, vampires, and werebeasts. Here our list:


Witches sacrifice Animals
Witches worship the devil
Witches curse people
witches are evil
witches are old and ugly with warts on their nose
male witches are warlocks
Witches fly on brooms (or can fly)
Witches have black cats for their familiars
(I'm still thinking and deciding if i'm missing any...)


Vampires have extended fangs
Vampires are immortal
Vampires heal extremely fast
Vampires never get sick
Vampires live in coffins
Vampires have superhuman strength
Vampires are run faster than humans
Vampires burn in the sun
A Vampires face changes when they need to drink blood.
Vampires only drink blood. They don't eat anything else.


Werebeasts only come out during a full moon
When a werebeast bites a human, they become a werebeast too.
Werebeasts cannot control their animal side when they are
in that form
Werebeasts eat humans in their animal form

I'll have think a little more with Werebeasts. I didn't
have time to think last night. Grrrr....