can't fight the moonlight...
2002-01-13 21:19:18 (UTC)


working on mid-term stuff, or trying to anyways. i've got
some english and latin stuff typed up. haven't actually
STUDIED yet, but its okay. the only one i'm really worried
about is Chem, and no amount of studying is going to help
me there anyways!
it snowed!!!! :oD So excited! If only I could be out skiing
instead of inside w/ school work...ohs well, I can always
look out my window and see how pretty it is!
Watched womens iceskating nationals yesterday--great team
going to the Olympics! Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Sarah
Hughes. Michelle Kwan is so awesome, and definitley the
best, but I think I actually like Sasha Cohens the best.
Sarah Hughes finished in third, which was sorta surprising.
I don't really follow ice-skating but I love it and cant
wait to watch the Olympics this year.
Ooh, saw Heartbreak House w/ my Aunt Debbie, Russ and
Nikki. It was really good, and funny, i liked it a lot! Its
by G.B. Shaw, who wrote The Importance of Being Earnest,
which we put on in ninth grade. HH had a good moral: The
weird people live!!
Okay I'm done putting off midterms now.

mood music: alanis morissette, through you

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