Lost for Words
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2002-01-13 21:06:23 (UTC)

Why won't you let me in?

Open Diary is being a butt munch and won't let me unlock my
diary. And my computer is doing this weird thing where the
screen turns green.. but I can still see everything. It's
like looking through green glasses.
Last night I went to Blake's party to see Jamo play. They
sounded really good. Well, cept one song where I think
Chris was trying to sound like Kurt Cobain..but other than
that it was GREAT! I smoked a clove in front of Jamo, he
said he didn't care because they smell good. I also got
drunk. Jamo said I am cute when I am drunk. I think that's
only because I wasn't puking. Blake's little brother kept
trying to get me and Kristi to kiss him and/or flash him.
We wouldn't do it tho. We told him we are lesbians. Then he
started talking about how he watches porn all the time.
But anyway, yeah last night was great. I actually felt like
I was apart of things rather than just watching everyone
else. But that might have just been the alcohol. I dunno
what it was but I liked it. I liked feeling like I was part
of the group again. I really love Heather, Gabby, Maggie,
Chris, Jamo and all my friends really. I wish they could
see that because I know that I don't do a very good job of
showing it. Well I gotta go cuz I am gonna go read other
peoples diaries.

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