I miss you
2002-01-13 21:00:42 (UTC)


So i have come to the general conclusion that all boys suck. Ok maybe
just Joe... ok well just joe. After the emails of kiss kiss and shit
like that now he's like 'i've changed my mind.' Fucker, I mean i can
never do anything right. When i'm nice to him he gets mad. When im
mean to him he gets mad. What the hell am i supposed to do with
that??? I asked him if i could grab a right with him tomorrow morning
and he was like 'no. i want to start the day off the correct way. if
i ride with you it may just screw up the whole day' WTF!!!!!! Ok well
how about i kick you in the face you asshole! You know what? this is
my senior year. i dont need drama every day from that boy. It's
completely not worth it to make myself miserable all the time, it
just isn't. Whatever history we had has long since been over
shadowed by the fact that he is now a constant asshole to me whenever
he gets the chance. I'm
just sick of it!! it sucks!!! but then when he's nice to me i'm just
like 'aww that's so cute' because he is hella cute when he's nice.
He just makes me weird inside. like when he's mean i want to hit him
but as soon as he's not outwardly mean to me then im like 'yay!' It
will be better next year when i move to Greensboro and we'll be half
way across the state from each other and i won't have to see him
everyday... what do you think?

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