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2002-01-13 21:00:33 (UTC)

I'm sure Keith is cheating on me!

Last night was interesting.
Yeterday my b/f caled me up and was like what are you
doing. "nothing. how 'bout you?" Oh I'm gig to the mall. I
waited for him to inviteme but he never did...It was fine
though he was just going to return something. Later that
ight around 6pm I call him ask hm what he was doing to see
if he wanted to come over (I haven't seen him in 3 weeks an
1 day). He couldn't he was on the wayto Meagans house. he
was having dinner with her and her family...Normal..uh uh.
So i'm like okay. Being the totally not jelou g/f I am. I
ask him what he did that day. "ohI was at the mall all day
with meagan. What an asshole huh? It gets better. When I
was in NY I called him and he was telling me he met this
girl (meagan) she is very pretty and fun to be around. Sh
actually reminds him of me!! So when I get home from NYC I
go to his house and in his room is pictures of heron his
mirror...When I left I was the only one on his mirror. back
to last night. Around 7 I call him again (he knows Im
upset). I told him that if he was coming over do it now
cause I was going to bed. he didn't come ov around 11pm he
came over. We worked verythng out and we decide we want
taco bell. So i'm getting in hs truck and there are 2
pictures of her (in a bikini) on his seat I pretend I don't
see them but they pissed me off. Okay if he broke up ith
me I would be TOTALLY pissed but if I break up with him
thats okay. I think i'm going to sometime this week....I'm
trippin b/c I THINK he may be cheating on me. Yt am the
one who cheated on him! The way I look at it is...What he
doesn't know an't hurt him. AND If he is going to cheat on
me he should hide it a lttle better and not tell methe (13
year old) girls nam...I don't give a fuck! Oh b/f he got to
my house last night i put Tony's pic above my bed on the
head was totally staring at it. h well...If
he only knew! I'm sure this is the end of us!