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2002-01-13 20:32:27 (UTC)

For Isabell

12-29-01 18:15
I was going to tell you all about myself, but then I
changed my mind. If you read this long enough you'll figure
out who I am inside anyway.
My plans for the day were foiled. I was going to just stay
home and jam out and write some songs, but I woke up
feeling like a piece of crap. I'm not barfing sick, but
headache-blow-your-nose-a-million-times sick. I think when
my mom comes home she'll have more kleenexes, because I'm
out in all the rooms except my bathroom. No, I'm not moving
the computer into the bathroom, I'll just get my excercise
running back and forth.

Know what I want to know? If you can write in any font
other than the ever boring times new roman...that would
make my minute. Ok, I'm out. Think I'll pick up a book
instead of staring at a computer for a bit.

In Him
Current Music: cool hand luke
Current Mood: Sick

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