listen to my silences
2002-01-13 20:31:28 (UTC)


don't ask about the title i just wanted one to start with
that letter since it rarely gets used.

as you can tell, i'm in a ... weird ... random ...
weird ... random ... mood.

brodie and i are getting back to the way things were. i
cannot begin to say how much that means to me. i've missed
him so freaking much. last night before we went bowling he
called me on my cell, which he almost never does normally,
just to say that he was leaving. i know most of you are
like "ok...? and...?" but, oh, nevermind i'm not going to
explain it. it just ROCKS ok?

g still hasn't said what's going on. i only talked to him
for like two minutes at paul's last night though cause they
were leaving to play dungeons and dragons at beavers. we
had so much fun at white castle the other night. ohmigosh
it was great! oh, if anyone sees "fry-man" tell him hi for
me. k, nevermind again.

kells and i talked for awhile was cool. we
haven't since new year's and i've hated that.

brian and mary and i went to see orange county yesterday.
it was all right. very funny. i gotta remember to tell
him something...

dee seemed stressed yesterday...wondering what's up with

ok, well i'm sick and dizzy and everything is screwing with
my ears right now so i'm going to get off and probably
sleep. i had to call into work it's so bad. if i feel any
better later though, i get to go get my cd player for my
car. yay!!! anyways, i'm out.

final thought: we all have dangerous minds...whom they are
dangerous to depends on what we think about and what we
choose to disclose.