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2002-01-13 20:30:50 (UTC)

Last night (605 house)

12-29-01 14:30
Maybe it was something in his eyes as he touched my hand
and uttered, "God bless you." It’s true what he said at the
retreat; he is really living for God and not caring about
anyone else. Two things came out of his statement. One, I
was impressed with him and inspired to really give my life
up for God. Yeah, I always say I want to live for God, yet
do I? Naw, I live for myself. Wyatt is a shining example of
what living for God really means. And secondly, it made me
reevaluate when I always say, "God bless" online. Do I
really mean it? Not really. It’s just what I say. Would’ve
I had the guts or the thoughtfulness to say "God bless you"
in person? Wyatt challenged me by a mere three words.
And about the show…well, TWPP was alright I guess. I don’t
really like them in the first place, though. So then it was
Sinking Steps …they were awesome as usual! It was so
worshipful for me…hardcore is becoming an easier way to
worship God than praise music (for me at least). So that
was rad, I just praised God for the gift of music and how
awesome He is. Then it was examination of the… They were
horrible. You could tell they weren’t Christians just by
how they played their music. They swore so much that my
ears and well as my heart hurt from it. Examination pretty
much ruined the show for me. After that we decided to leave
b/c Calligari isn’t that great, either. I’m glad I went to
the show, but I’m not sure why b/c Examination sucked
beyond belief.
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