I am a goddess
2002-01-13 19:58:14 (UTC)

My Mother Says......

My Mother Says......that you have to eat 3 meals a day to
lose weight.
(So how is it that i have lost 7 pounds since i first

My Mother Says......the reason i am ill is because i don't
eat enough.
She eats veggies and has a high immune system supposedly.
(So why is it she is sick too?)
Her illness is different from mine.

My Mother Says......the reason i am fatigued is because i
don't eat.
(No mummy, i've always been like that. Losing weight is not
a factor in this)

My Mother Says......that what i do isn't healthy.
(Well duh!!!!)
(I'm sorry i didn't realise. I will amend my ways)

And for the retard who leaves me anon notes.
(I'm not 120 pounds, Thats what i want to be)

I'm not anorexic just obbsessed. There is a difference.
I "KNOW" what i'm doing. I won't let myself get diseased.
There are limits. Being 95 pounds and still thinking you're
fat is stupid.
Wanting to be 120 and knowing thats not fat isn't.