Evil Elvis
2002-01-13 19:49:11 (UTC)


More thoughts from my grey matter about my grey matter....

I've been having problems concentrating recently....I just
cant seem to clear my mind, it feels as if the inside of my
head is going fuzzy. Too many thoughts are buzzing around
in here to allow me to focus on the one thing.

I think I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to do
things, and this doesnt seem to be helping me clarify
things...it's like I'll start something and then just
wnader onto something else, thus leaving a trail of half
done things behind me....

Even songwriting has failed me...I used to be able to focus
pretty clearly with a guitar in my hand, but even that
seems to elude me at the moment...Need to try and clear the
head again.

I guess I've not been updating here all that much recently,
I think that's about to change again cos it feels like my
head is gonna pop if I dont get some of this out....

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