Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-01-13 19:24:41 (UTC)

Emilys birthday "paerty" today...

Emilys birthday "paerty" today. She was actually pretty
well behaved.
We went to this nasty resaurant in Yeadon, and I fucking
hated it.

Anyways, last night, Dave and Sharon rang up and asked if
my mum and dad wanted to go out to this biking club in
Bradford. My dad hadn't even said yes and they bought the
tickets and mum was screaming at him and being her usually
Well, they got there and they enjoyed it. Mum and dad
brought me back a CD("void") by "fulc"-a band who was
playing. They said it would be my kind of music, and I
fucking love this CD.
Well, mum and sharron were dancing with a pot garden gnome
called seth, lol, wich someone had put on the dance floor
and was messing about, and dave got jalous and thought that
Seth was a real person, lol so everyone got in a big stress
here last night, while I was listening to The Fragile.
How..beautiful, lol.

All I did was watch "closure", watch the tiniest part of a
TV show and listen to music. Woe is me.

School tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to it at all!!