Camibeau – Daily Journal
2001-04-14 20:36:19 (UTC)

First Entry

Saturday, April 14, 2001
[12:47 a.m.]
Just got home early from work a little while ago. I'm
checking out what the surf is for the weekend. I think it's
going to be nice this weekend. I have a lot to do around
the house.

Saturday, April 14, 2001
[4:18 p.m.]
I was checking my email and searching for some
things online, when I went it to Google Catagories --
People --Online Writing Here I discovered a listing of
Online Diary Hosts. I looked at a few and found this one
to be more like the one I'm using now on my computer.

This is my first entry into my online journal. It's going to
be great! I've been keeping a journal by hand for years. I
have 6 volumes of scratching and notes that explain
things that happen each day. Within the last year, I've
been keeping my journal on my new Mac G4 with a little
program called Simple Diary. I would like to transfer
each day to this website, but I don't think that is
possible. Updating should be easy, since I'm on the
computer all evening at work and occasionally here at
home during the day.

Usually, I don't go into detail. I just note things that have
happened, so that in a few months or years I can recall
when some significant even took place.

So, here we go....

This morning, at 9:45, Adam (for those of you who don't
know, he is my neighbor and friend in apartment #3, I
live in #5) woke me up when he knocked on my door.
He was talking with Bob (#8) about the bench and how
nice it looks after they had varnished it. Adam and I like
to drive up to the mall to read the paper and drink coffee
while checking out the wide variety of people (and of
course, women) at the mall. Today on the way up, we
had to stop off at his insurance agent and the post
office. This ended up taking about an hour and a half
longer than expected and involved standing in 2 lines
and coming back to the house once. While at the post
office, I realized I used a 33¢ stamp on my income
taxes mailed Wednesday of last week. I will be floored,
if it comes back for insufficent postage. This really
increased my stress level during my drive to the mall.
Once we finished all the other junk, we ate an Italian
sub at the German restaurant in the mall. This made
everything was much better. We stayed there until about
2 p.m. stumping each other with basic knowledge
questions. We usually have a good time everytime we
go. He wanted to get home to watch hockey and I
needed to finish up my garden. I still have lots to do.
That's all for now...I have a few things to take care of.
More to come...

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