Watch Me Fall
2002-01-13 19:09:44 (UTC)

I Miss Santa Claus!!

Hey Kids!
Happy Sunday!! I am actually awake before 2pm..and that is
a good sign. It's a strange feeling when you lift your head
off your pillow at 12:15 and say "god DAMN it's
I am feeling better thanks to all you
sympathetic souls... :) I still sound like a frog and my
nose is still all stuffy....and every once in a while I
have a coughing fit (like that lady who teaches study hall
who turns purple and has to leave the room..) but other
then that..I am GRRRRReat! Went to a show last night. I was
mucho disappointed. Things have just chagned so much..even
within the past year. None of the ppl who used to make
shows come together,and book good bands,and jsut make the
shows awesome even go anymore. It's sad. 99% of them are at
college, so now it's just 10 year old chain smokers and
freshmen on skateboarders. Hey..remember when there used to
be cool ppl there..who coudl ACTUALLY skate..and not just
roll? hehehe ;)
But Anyways, I am not bitter anymore....a good night's
rest, and relentless cd burns attempts make Holly a calm
grrl. I was talking to LIcorice Whip Mike about last weeks
show..and how terrible it was..and I was like "This one
band was just terrible..they were throwing this stpuid doll
around....and..blah blah blah" and he's like "ooh..that was
us.." (his other band) and i KNEW had just slipped
my mind that he was in it..I felt like shit..haha..hes
like "no no's ok,seriously..dont worry about it...!"
I wanted to die..haha
we also saw a really funny band. -keen machine. I'm gonna
talk to Troy about getting them at our show in Feb.
sometime. They were hilarious...
In other news, Jen and I went to the hooters parking lot
last night....for more details,do ask.
thanks to the random person who wrote that really thought-
provoking quote in my message box. It made so much sense
that it hurt...
And yes,boys are STILL very unreceptive...probably
intentionally in this case. Whatever. Bye Kids!!

Song Of The Moment: Lost In You, SugarCult