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2002-01-13 18:51:42 (UTC)

being strong...

its break time at work and i thought of making something
from this diary...with the various things roaming my mind,
finally i thought of this subject and i really dunno how
and why is that....

oh well i has something to do with the "down
times" of my existence and as they passes by my memory...i
can say to myself that..."whew! you are such a strong
person!"...probably, its not just the down's but
also...should i say...the "up's" of my life that made me

im proud to be one strong person because i have Jesus
Christ in my heart and in the depths of my being and that
my faith in Him is at the highest level. during my rough
times, i turn into Him and confide everything, asking for
guidance on how to deal with the current situation. in
times of joy and happiness, my heart and soul urgently
searches the right thing to do on how'll i thank Him
usually via smiling widely.

there had been too many bad things happened to me already
that made the drawing of my life more colorful and stay
alive. those that enchanted me to discover unrevealed
stuffs and learn how to understand more about the entity of
life, appreaciating them whatever the outcome is.

LIFE is good most especially if you are determined about
anything, strong to face any struggles and thankful enough
whatever comes your way for they are the will of our Lord
Jesus for you.

now, be strong okay?


2:52 AM

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