Mirror of my mind
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2002-01-13 18:17:09 (UTC)

Sunday evening rambling

The planned quiet Sunday after a hard week's work and an
exhausting contact day session on Saturday turned into a
day of Florence Nightengale-ing. Mom caught the flu. She's
not too demanding when ill, but taking care after someone
who's sick can be quite demanding at times.

Saturday's contact day session was fun. It's great meeting
my study-buddies and exchange experiences from the past
weeks. So far I'm the only one who flunked the Phonetics
exam, but that's ok. I'm sure I'll get it next time.
One of the study-buddies, J., was as obnoxious as ever. We
all wonder what he's doing in this line of work *teaching
English*. He keeps talking about his private life. How
depressed he's been over the past weeks and how well he's
doing in his studies (while in reality his results
downright suck). Our tutor had a long talk with him,
suggesting J would first get his life straight and then see
if he wishes to continue these studies. But J is blind to
any advice. He thinks he's the best and even tries to make
others believe that. Feel sorry for him.

My losing weight campaign is going fairly well. So far I
already lost 2 pounds. Still have 13 more to go, but at
this rate it'll happen. I don't miss the inbetween snacks
and even enjoy exercising after work. Did try one of
those diet shake, but jeez.... they are absolutely
horrible. Tasted horrible and half an hour after consuming
it I felt hungry again. Nah, I'll stick to my normal meals
and skip snacking. No starvation-course for me.

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