my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-13 18:13:52 (UTC)


it's been a long time since i've written...well not really.
lol. it's um, the 13th, which i didnt know til just now. i
got my rabbit. MEEKO! hehe. he's sooooooo adorable. he's
just a lil baby, and i'm trying to get him used to me. and
last nite was our school's semi formal, but of course i
didnt go. kinda hard to go w/ a messed up knee. lol. so i
sat home, cuz my mom wouldnt let me go to cory's. she's
evil i tell ya. ;) but anyways, cory and me and brittany
went to the movies on friday. it was quite interesting. we
went to denny's after and bought a whole pie. cory's idea.
lol. but it was cheaper that way...even though we didnt eat
the whole thing. i think the waitress thought we were nuts,
but oh well. it was well worth it. and hm what else...oh ya
i owe brittany 2 dollars. well i think i do. lol. stupid
bets........:o hm....i went to school on thursday. it was
kinda boring. and i didnt have to make much up either,
which was nice. and i have other random events happening in
my life, but i wont mention those.

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