My So-Called Life
2002-01-13 17:33:57 (UTC)


Well. I know I said before that it "hit me" on Tuesday.
Yeah riiiight! No - it actually really hit me Thursday
night. Um..yeah, I wasin a crappy mood anyways, but I was
crying my damn lungs out...and shaking really bad. So, I
got it out of my system for the most part I think.
Well..anyways...Friday I called John. (After having a long
talk with Abbey about whether or not I should.) And I had
butterflies just thinking about it. So, he picked up and I
told all - that I was confused and didn't get if what he
said before was all he could say. He is also confused, so I
decided that I am not going to make him feel pressured into
telling me what I don't want to hear anyways. ;-) So...we
agreed that we do want to be good friends still. That part
of the conversation ended right there. And I could have
ended the whole phone call right then too, but I decided
no. And it was a good desicion because after that the most
amazing thing happened - we had a NORMAL conversation.
Like, one of those kinda that normal friends have. And it
was really good. (I'm not going into detail with the world
right now though.) But...yeah, it was good. So, when that
whole phone call ended he asked if he could call me back
later...which, I already know means he won't. So, I said
sure anyways. So, I am glad that we finally
ended our conversation on a good note this time. I am
content with that fact. :-)
Chiou all!