My Diary
2002-01-13 17:25:19 (UTC)

I ALWAYS Have Bad exerpiernces!!!!

Ok well Hey, Friday night this guy i liked asked me out
finally.... He just broke up w/ his girlfriend and i didnt
know him that well... so we started kissing that night at
the skatebar... and then my friend walked by and was the
like, what the f*** are you doing. So i was sooooo
embrassed but she was talking to ryan!! Then i talked to
him saturday and he talked me into going skating... then
when i got there he acted like he didnt wanna be w/ me so i
left to skate then he got this lil' 6th grader to tell me
he's breaking up with me cause i was being a bitch... Then
i went and ask him how i was being a f***ing bi*** and he
said b/c i wouldnt talk to him... He tried to run from me
tho by jumping over the brick wall!! Then like all my
friends started cussing him out and he got really mad at me
cause my guy friends were threatening to kick his butt...
why are all guys assholes??

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