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2002-01-13 17:23:56 (UTC)

I Should Write More Often

I just dont seem to have the motivation most of the time.
I should write a few times a week. Lol. Tricia is kicking
my but in entries. She has a lot. But its all good. I
love her lots. Shes the bestest.

I spent like 2 days trying to find a rom but gave up cause
i couldnt. I got the game off ebay instead. =P It was the
only one on ebay. Well worth. I get to see Ace Hardings
tombstone. And I bet you have no idea what im talking
about. Im talking bout the game uninvited. So good. Its
like the game shadowgate and deja vu. All 3 equal excellent
nintendo rpgs. Not the kind where you have a little
character that walks around the screen. You never really
see your character. You use commands to control and do
things in the game. So much fun.

Well I dont have anything else to say.


I love you Tricia

Laters everybody else