My Life
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2002-01-13 17:02:58 (UTC)

Lazy Sunday

Terry made it back into town Friday night. He called in the
afternoon and asked me to supper, so I went home and jumped
in the shower and met him back near my work at a steak
house. He was in his big truck and had to get cleaned up at
the yard, etc. So I didn't expect him to pick me up. It was
so nice to see him, it's been over 3 weeks I think. So we
got seated and just started talking and having a great time
at dinner. He was joking and kidding me, he has a little
bit of a sarcastic sense-of-humor which sometimes I can't
take because I'm a little too literal but with him it's
different. We kid around and he lets me kid with him and
doesn't take anything serious. I find myself laughing a lot
with him and ribbing him. But then we also talked a little
about how we missed each other and we talked about us a
little. Then after dinner we sat in my car for awhile (it
was really cold) and talked about stuff and I had some
little things I got for him in CA, and he told me a little
about when he was engaged, and their relationship and why
they didn't get married, etc. He still doesn't ask me about
me. Not sure if he doesn't want to know or if he doesn't
want to ask or sometimes I think he just wants me to tell
him when I'm ready.
Sat. a.m. i worked for 3 hours and we had talked the night
before about going to see Lord of the Rings, saw him online
and he told me there was a show at 3:45, so I went home and
got ready, running late again, and then he called and he
was running late too. So we met just when the movie
started. He looked so cute. I love him best in his 501's,
black boots and black leather jacket. The movie was great
and I was just entranced by it. I jumped at one part, it
scared me, he thought that was funny. After the movie we
went to the Mega Mall and met his parents for dinner. They
are flying to FL this a.m. so they stay down by the
Airport. It was really nice to see them, again we had a
really great time. His mom is fun and we have lots to talk
about. His step dad seems really sweet, good guy. So after
we shopped just a little and then we went to the truck and
we finally exchanged Christmas gifts. I made sure I was
done before Christmas but he didn't want to open until I
was there and he could give me his gift. He seemed to
really like his shirt and the Dale Earnhardt collector
plate that I knew he wanted. He gave me a really nice
cordless phone! Not the most romantic gift but I think it
was very thoughtful and I really wanted one.
Well, it looks like snow today, I already missed Church, I
have a ton of things to do around the house and I'd like to
just go back to bed. Then tonight is the beginning of
another session of Alpha and I'm looking forward to that.