The days of my life
2002-01-13 16:58:22 (UTC)

what a beautiful day

today has been great so far. I never thought that life
could be sooo happy. Dave and I are happy and work is going
well, and friends and I are talking again. i make myself
want to puke I am soooo happy. I just can't get over the
fact of that. It was like someone threw a switch as the new
year started and everything became good again. Funny how
that coincides with my ex "friend" Scott. Suddenly his
negativity is gone and everyone around me just feels good
to be around. Oh sure, I still get sad, I have my moments
at being pissed at Dave, but they never last long, I can't
stay mad at him he is just tooo cute and sweet. well, I am
getting sick at reading all of this drivel so I will write
more later.