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2002-01-13 16:31:13 (UTC)


i have to do my hole history fair project today. that
sucks. me and my parners have hardly even started. and then
tonight i have to go no church. noooooooooooo. i don't
wanna go. theres no one to talk to there. and everyones
mean to me. i'm so shy. i hate it so much. but at school
i'm not shy and i'll say whatever i want, cuz i hate the
people there and don't care what they think of me. but its
different at other places. ok, i was at hot topic the other
day. just minding my buisness, and this girl whos like in
11th grade who goes to my church was there. and she comes
up to me and was like "hey." and i go "hey." and she
goes, "you never talk." and i'm like, "yeah i do, i'm just
really shy." and she rolls her eyes and says "get over it."
and walks away. see, if i wasn't so shy i would have said
something to her. but, if she was someone from skool, i
would have taken her down so fast. i was being really nice
too, i mean i didn't have an attatude, so i don't know why
she did. isn't that rude?! i mean, if i could just "get
over it" trust me, i would. does she really think i want to
be this way? if anyones got any pointers,reply.

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