The Eye of the Storm
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2002-01-13 16:28:55 (UTC)

Guys 1/13/2k2

What the hell, i wear a skirt ONE DAY and every guy that i
know of is all over me.. with the exception of jeff. thank
god. it was too wierd being around him when he liked me.
really wierd. and he was too damn frustrating about
everything. and im just sooooooo fucking happy about the
fact that i have to spend another semester with him as a
student service with mr. savage, we are his TA's for his
anatomy class. which should be fun.. considering none of us
have even TAKEN anatomy.... *sigh* ok. back to the subject
i started with, well w/ the exception of jeff most of my
guys were literally all over me. me and chris were cuddling
for "warmth" in the morning.. hehe.. and then he walked me
to my second period. then sean was like "come on michelle..
lets go.. to your room..." there where i believe i almost
threw up and im still trying not to. hes fat ugly and i
hate his guts... however many there may be. then justin
gave me an.. uh.. intresting note.. ya.. intresting..
note.. wow. ya. whoa.. anyways. and then i was walking home
when i saw several ppl. well i guess clint saw me and
turned his truck around rather quickly dont forget the
screeching tires, honking horns.. yada yada yada.. then i
hear him yell at me from the other side of the street. he
gave me a ride but not before i saw steve.. *shudder*
asshole mother fucking god dammened stupid jerk off son of
a mother fucking god dammned son of a fucking whore. that
would be him. ya. thats him. thats steve. i wont get into
details about him. and i have to get ready to go to route
66 to watch some stupid football game with clint.. then
wish i could be home sooner, get home, wait for my baby
justin to call me, then talk to him, oh did i mention that
aaron likes me as well? i'll let u know about that later.
and i get home, talk to justin, hope he comes over. then
die a long horrible death...

sounds fun.


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