tom weaver

never wake up
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2002-01-13 16:12:55 (UTC)

sick 1/13

being sick is the worst... you feel like garbage, look like
garbage and think like garbage. nothing ever makes sense
when your sick..

anyway, i did see a great movie recently
called "following," its by the same guy who directed
memento, and in the tradition of memento, he plays with
time alot, and what results is a great movie... wont say
too much more about it, would not want to spoil any of the
surprises for you.

anyway, i really have nothing to write, and i think thats
the problem with onlines journals, i feel compelled to
write something, but usually i have nothing to write. i
dont understand people who have millions of small entries
and what not. ohh, i know something! beijinng style
eggplant it unbelievalbe, if you can ever get your hands on
it, eat it or you will regret it.

heh, look at me, i just rambled about something
unimportant... actually, no, its the little things that
make life fun, all the big shit is just a skeleton for the
little things to happen. i mean, at the end of a day, you
remember something someone says or something they might
have done, but the whole day for the most part is
forgotten... its kind of like driving (at least for me) i
will be driving along, and then all of a sudden, im at the
destination and i dont know how i got their... i can
remember little things, like a guy with a funny coat or a
weird looking restauraunt, but thats about it... driving is
fun, i love to drive because you see some really weird
stuff when you drive.. but enough of that, now im just
rambling, and while ramble on about nothing when you could
be eating left ovef chinese food? exactly, no point to
ramble, beijing eggplant here i come!