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2002-01-13 16:11:12 (UTC)

so i went to the show. its was alot of fun. i was in charge
of giving people rist bands so i met a bunch of people that
way. i was there for like 5 or 6 hours. well, there was
alot of bands. and this one band ...loose change... is
changing their name to ...forever changed... so it'll take
forever to get use to calling them that. me and some of
these guys got hungry so we went to wendy's and mike, order
3 hamburgers. hes really thin but he can eat alot. and they
were making me eat all this food, cuz they said i was too
small. they were stuffing it down me. it was funny, but i
was about to throw up. sense i don't eat meat. then these
people in this extra big lemo came. why would anyone want
to go to wendy's in a lemo? unless they went in a lemo
everywhere. then we went back to the show. it was rainning
too hard. when we got out of the car, to go back to the
show, it was almost like a hurracan, and theres this big
fence around the building, and we couldn't see the way
inside cuz of the storm. so thomas leads me through these
bushes and thorns and i ripe the bottom of my pants, like
three inchs. it was really funny, because there was this
hip-hop guy at a hardcore sene. and he was trying to mosh.

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