Visions Of Life
2002-01-13 15:06:19 (UTC)

I Can Finally See The Moonlight...

This wave of depression has finally been lifted.. awoke
around midnight.. Went for a walk under the moonlight..
Returned home, drink in hand and have stayed awake ever
since. Found myself laughing.. Went out to breakfast..
Flirted with the waitress.. lol.. All is nice and balanced
in my head..

I Leave For Utah On Thursday!!! Yay!! I Have So Much To Do
Before Then!!

Must get oil changed and windows washed..
Need new books, a pedicure, new long sleeved shirt
Must find a camera.. lol

And as always I have lil tasks which need to be done...

Hmmm.. I want to move to Crested Butte, Colorado.. Also want
to move to Europe.. Must escape this country.. 2 many
idiots running this country..

Damn.,. I so need to run for office... But who would vote
for me?? Druggies, Lesbians and Psychos? Tis a start..

Relationship Status:

I SO need a girl...

I have updated my first entry a little for all those people
who want to know who the fuck I am..

Ta Ta