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2002-01-13 12:09:59 (UTC)

Take it all Back

It was not a mistake. None of it was a mistake because I
love her. I love her...not as a friend. I love her. More
than Brad, more than Luke...there is no way to tell you how
I love her. I lay in bed with her...and I can't stop
touching her. I want to hear her, know she is happy...and
it makes everything in life seem good. When I am with her,
inside of her or just laying beside her...I forget about my
depression, I forget about Amy...I forget about everything
that used to bug me. I think about good she
feels, her taste, smell. I think about everything she is
and I can't get enough. Kevin is here tonight. It is 4 in
the morning and I want him out so bad because I just want
to be with her. I am tired, I am starting to get
cranky...and I am just waiting for her. That is all I
do...wait for her. And I will tell you that it is worth it.
Every breath...every sweat, everything is worth it for her.

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