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2002-01-13 11:43:15 (UTC)

Some like it bad

I talked to Stian yesterday. I`ve planned it for sevral
days now, I wanted everything to be perfect.
In the beginning it was hard, I think he was in the bad
mood in the beginning but that it got better afther a while.
It feelt like I was selling my soul to him, like I gave him
every pice of me. But it worked out - for a while.
Then he got upset by something stupid as some naked
pictures that dossnt exist.
So he got mad and went away from the chat, he is out of my
country now so that and phone is the only was I can talk to
I was really upset by him getting so mad. Why???
And by the way he acted it sound`s like it was the last
time we where speaking tougether, cuz he said have a nice
So I was thinking oh no, what can I do, how to survive with
out him and stuff like that.
I was really upset by it.

Why does I always fall for the mean boys??
I mean bouth Ed and Dante is in love with me (I`ll tell
you about it later) but I always fall for the ones that are
Do I like to sufer??

Yesterday a boy nemed Jonathan (Joe) came by my work to see
me. I meet to through Dante, they are freinds. Jonathan
dont live her but in our capital city, but he`s here werry
ofthen through his job.
When I meet him we were getting really great along
everybody, but since me and Dante broke up it feels like he
has been avoiding me.
So it feelt grest when he came.
Dante is on a holyday now, he`s also out of country. But
not in the same country as Stian. Good.
When I was finish from working me, Joe and Alex went up to
his hotell rom and talked for a while.
I aksked Joe if he had seen the picture of me or some of
the other pictures from Mo`s party and he said no.
But first I have to tell you what happed before that: Joe
said that he had noticed that Dante was getting more and
more like him. I said yes, now he`s even talking in the
phone the way you do and we talked about it for a while.
Ergo: Dante try`s to be like Joe. Beacuse Joe is really
cool, but he`s cool cause he`s original. Dante has become a
wannabe og Joe and that`s not cool.

Joe really wanted to see the picture of me, so he tryed to
hack in to Dantes`internet server. It`s not exactly legal,
we tryed to use some password I remember that Dante use and
Joe also knew some of his passswords.
We diddnt get to see the picture of me or the other party
picture`s. But we got to see some other pictures,hehe.
But we gonna make it, Im gonna find the exact adress and
then Dante is gonna hack himself in there, cause we dont
know those key words.
Joe is juest doing it for fun, Im just waching and want to
see that picture and Dante is probobly able to see that
someone has been trying to get in, but he cant find out
that it was us since we where at a hotell room.
Oooh, now Im starting to get bad to.

Joe said that we should probobly not tell Dante that we had
been together that nigh, cause he would get jealous. I was
like yeah like he care.
And then Joe starte dto tell me that it was true, everytime
he was in town and they was bored he had suggested that
they should come up to my work and keep me with company.
But Dante always said no.
So that`s the reason why I havent seen or heard much from
Joe latley, I though he didnt like me but I was Dantes
I know the same thing from Mo, me, him and Dante was in a
club this summer and I wanted to dance with Mo. He said yes
but diddnt dance muct. A few months later he said that he
really wanted me to go out with him and dance cause he
thought I was such a good dancer.
So I said you diddnt look to happy last time we danced. And
he told me that when we where dancing that time back then
Dante had been giving him a bad look all the time. So he
was scared to get in truble with Dante and therefore diddnt
dancemuch with me.
Oooki, I remember that Dante stod pretty close up to us at
the danceflor yes, but he diddnt dance with anyone exept me.
I danced with Mo, Dante, some other friend of me that I
meet there and some strangers.

So if Dante has been trying to hold Mo and Joe away from
me, I wonder what he have been doing to Chris and the rest
of the gang.
Chris had also told me a story like that, so I just wonder
with how many persons Dante has tryed to keep way from me.
Chris is a strong person (in bouth ways) so he diddt get
scared of Dante, but diddnt wanna mess up things if
something where going on between us.
The same goes for the other boy`s, noe one is scared of
But still; this proves that Dante is still in love with me.
Well, I dont know what to do about that. Not much I can do
I guess.

This was a long entry, I`ll think I better start a new

To be continud......

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