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2002-01-13 11:12:25 (UTC)


Okay well I said that Tony deserved his own little entry
right well here it is.

Tony. As I said When I first saw him I was
physically attracted to him. What's not to like he is Tall,
Brown nice thick hair, And brown eyes. Very good looking.
Also, He's Italian. I have a thing for Italians. I don't
know what it is. Well, I never really expected anything to
happen between Tony and I (not much did happen). Mostly
because I had a boyfriend and I didn't think Tony even
acknowledged that fact that I was alive. I went to parties
and I saw him there we'd have like 2 second conversations
most of the time and then they would die out. Most of the
time the only reason why we spoke was because we were
smoking together. So I saw Tony just about every night.
Nothing ever happened then New Years eve I was at Sams
house ( he was having a party, two thumbs up I must say)
and I was like ugh this sucks no new years kiss ( not out
loud of course). Then right before the count down Tony came
up to me and asked for the big "new years kiss." I was
completly shocked but extreamly delighted. Of course I said
yes. With out even thinking about my b/f. I mean hello we
were in seperate area codes not to mention different Oh well so we counted down to the new year
together. Then there it was the first kiss it was great.
Short and sweet. I really enjoyed it. I was sure it was my
first and last kiss from him. I had no idea that he was
interested in me. Later that night my brother kind of
spazed. He has become very over pretective since he found
out something that happened to me. So he was l so worried
that something would happen to me. He also likes my b/f a
lot. So he flipped and then I cleared things up. Later that
night we went to Gus'. It was actually morning around 3:00.
We went smoked a little then finally Jessica and yoob got
out of Gus' parents room (nothing happened between them) so
we went in there. Finally peace and quiet. It was great.
Tony gave me a full body massage It felt so amazing. I
definently needed it. After awhile we finally fell asleep.
It was amazing (to me). I loved kissing him and him just
holding me. I started seeing him just about everyday. It
was great. It was like we were together ( I wish I lived in
NYC I want to "BE" with Tony). We went to plent of parties
while I was there it was completly awesome. One night we
ended up going to Lunatarium. I had fun just being there
with Tony. It was very relaxing. As you can tell I am
getting very lazy with my writting (not that I am a good
writter anyway). The day before I left Tony came over after
school. We walked up to the Hudson river and just talked
holding hands the whole time. It was awesome. I just wanted
to freeze time especially when he'd hold me. We walked back
to my place but never went in, walked around the block just
talking mostly about nothing. I was just rambling. but It
was still great because I was spending time with him. It
was time for him to go so I walked him to the 1 & 9 train.
He really made my day. It was something he said when I
dropped him off. I can't wait to see him again. We are
still talking. On the phone occasionally and on-line. Well
thats about it. You know what. I never felt bad
about "cheating on my b/f."It was kinda like he payed me to
cheat on! I actually feel like I didn't cheat on
him. I feel like when I was in New York I was in a totally
different world. Everything in Florida didn't matter
anymore. I just want to say I don't regret anything! and I
can't wait to see him again...I'm sure he will be seeing
someone else by then though.

XoXoBekah! oh everything else we a