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2002-01-13 10:39:41 (UTC)

All the

At the last minute my boyfriend Keith decided to but my a
bus ticket to go to new york city b/c he knew thats what I
wanted more than anything......
Okay i'm going to start at the begining. When I
first got to NYC (my hometown).My brother and cousin
introduced me to a lot of "mad chill heads." LOL. Well, the
first person I met was Jerrad. He was a cool guy real nice
with a nice g/f. We never actually go to sit down and have
like a deep conversation, Jill and I. but from what a saw
she was an awesome girl. The second person I met, kinda not
funny but weird story I guess, was Tony. He is a really
great guy and I like him alot. It was kind of funny when I
first met him. I went to answer the door and I came in,
was like WHOA nick theres a hot guy at the door. Well I guess
I coud write a whole entry about him buy not now...Later I
will. That night we all headed up to James'. He was a
pretty cool guy. I had a lot of fun at his house and
chillin with him on New Years. At James' I met more people.
David Chen included. I have never been attracted to an
Asian guy before but David is a very good looking guy. He
is also very fun to be around with. He was one of the
coolest people I met up there. I really enjoyed chillin
with him. Maybe next time we be able to become closer
(friends strickly!). There was also David Yip. I never
really got to "meet" him.. I mean I did but he seemed very
closed off. I don't think he lets many people inside of his
head. He seemed mysterious. There was also Randall. He was
a petty cool guy I enjoyed chillin with him. I didn't spend
much time with him but hopefully I will next time. He also has
a nice g/f, Tracey. Shes seems really fun to be around but
when I met her she was completly trashed so I don't really
know. Then there was the Jersey boys. The absolute coolest
Jeremy and Ken. I met them at Gus' place. They are two
awesome guys. I really had fun with them. It was funny one
night in the train station (F) I ran into them and Later
jeremy was like ya I didn't recognize u. You looked better
in the train than at Gus' is a big guy he looks
mad scary yet at the same time he looks like he wouldn't
hurt a fly. Oh lord there was also Harrison! Awesome guy.
Extreamly funny...i'm upset I didn't get to say bye to him.
I had a lot of fun with him. He is so funny when he is
fucked up. He will just drift off and into his own little
world and if you say and thing he'll be like "WHAT???" it's
so funny. I look forward to seeing him again. Then there is
Snow. Oh lord..what to say..he's got great's
true but he was also a really cool guy. I enjoyed chillin
with him. Maybe one day Snow and I will have that "deep,
intelligent" conversation he was talkin about at
Lunatarium. The chics I met. Maria. She was real cool and
also very pretty. When I met her I liked her off the bat.
She is a really cool girl and I had a fun time with her.
Asia(guess that how u spell it) She was real cool. I
enjoyed being with her. Too bad we didn't get to spend very
much time together. The time we did spend together was
always fun though. She has a sister I can't remember her
name. She seemed really cool maybe next time I will see
more of her. There were the two Carries both seemed real
cool but I never got into like a conversation with them. Oh
shit what am I doing. The first person I should have named
was cecilia. SHe is awesome. She reminds me so much of my
old bestfriend Victoria. I really like her she just
happens to be my brothers girlfriend. I hope they stay
together I had so much fun with her and she is the
absoulute sweetest person. Jessica. She is very young and
already doing things that will hurt her. She is a really
nice girl but I am afraid she is going to end up hurting
her self or someone else will hurt her. Oh ya there is also
Gus and his brother Vic two pretty cool people didn't spend
much time talking with them though. There is way more
people but thats basically who I chilled with for the most
part. I just want to say that I am really happy I went up
there. One reason is because I got closer to my
cousin...I'm not close to many people in my family (close
to Nick). I really had a great time with my cousin Tim and
my brother Nick they are two awesome guys and i'm happy
that I am related to them I know they would be there for me
whenever I needed them!!!


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