Do I get my lap dance now?
2002-01-13 10:14:51 (UTC)

Do you even know what's going on?

So I just found out how to read messages people post to
me. Wicked. I never scrolled down that far to find them,
so I just thought nobody read this. Ha ha. Somebody said
I've got problem. Ha ha. As if that's news. Ha ha. Ha
ha. Thanks, man, that's great. Ha ha.

So my dog was stinking like a big walking pile of
hoobastank, and I couldn't stand it anymore, so I dug
waaaaaaaay back into the closet and found this funky bottle
of waterless dog washing stuff. So you spray the little
bitch down with this goo, and then lather the stuff up, and
wipe it off and she's supposed to be clean. She probably
is, but she hates my guts. Ha ha! Anyway, I think there's
some in my eyes, because it burns to blink. I'll sleep it
off. I'll be fine.

And my sister moved back into this house again. She keeps
going to college, I think. I'm not sure what she's doing.
Now that she's back, though, she bugging the hell out of
me. Like, I usually crash at about 8 or 9 in the morning,
and sleep all day, but she's been coming into my room at
god knows when in the day to talk to me. I don't even know
what she's talking to me about. I remember saying
something about windows. That's all. I'm awake, though,
and it's driving me batty. And the house is covered in
clutter. I came to sit down at the computer, and there's
stuff all over the desk. Like, cell phones, and address
books, and glasses and stuff. And she's scanning pictures
of her friends onto my hard drive, and she's contaminating
my Morpheus playlist with her music. Who is Blu
Cantrell? 'Cause her music is evil! Before I know it,
Celine Dion will be blsting amongst Green Day and Jimmie's
Chicken Shack. My playlist is tainted. I really need to
move out. I know, I've been saying that for MONTHS, but I
really mean it this time. I have so much motivation.

I went over to April's house last night. She's not there,
but my Nintendo is, so I stayed up all night playing with
her little brother. That kick has a lazy eye and it freaks
me out. We really suck at sharing. We'll beat eachother
up for the controller. I can't pass the forrest level. I'm
gonna call Benji and ask if he knows how. And I'm gonna
send him a gigantic birthday present. I don't know what,
though. I think he could use a spatula. Who doesn't,
ya'know? You know. Maybe some legos, too.

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rocks ass.